Mutual Funds

SambaCapital's mutual funds are managed by a group of experienced and highly skilled fund managers.

Our mutual fund choices span the globe. On the equities side, you can choose to invest in Saudi Arabia, GCC, the Far East, China, Japan, United States, Europe and global equities. Our fixed income product menu provides you with the opportunity to invest in most major currencies. We also offer a wide range of Shariah compliant equity and debt mutual funds.

For investors interested in alternate asset classes, you have the choice to invest in the Samba Real Estate Fund.

Money Market Funds
International Trade Finance Fund (Sunbullah SAR) *
   T&C (PDF-224KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-633KB)
International Trade Finance Fund (Sunbullah USD) *
   T&C (PDF-200KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-665KB)
Al Razeen SAR Liquidity Fund
   T&C (PDF-187KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-455KB)
Al Razeen USD Liquidity Fund
   T&C (PDF-191KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-443KB)

Local Equity Funds
Al Ataa Saudi Equity Fund *
   T&C (PDF-169KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-688KB)
Al Raed Saudi Equity Fund *
   T&C (PDF-198KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-652KB)
Al Musahem Saudi Equity Fund
   T&C (PDF-171KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-597KB)
Al-Fareed Saudi Equity Fund
   T&C (PDF-165KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-420KB)

GCC Funds
Al Ataa GCC Equity Fund *
   T&C (PDF-445KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-172KB)
Al-Raed GCC Fund *
   T&C (PDF-173KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-721KB)
Al Musahem GCC Fund
   T&C (PDF-163KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-193KB)
Al Jood GCC Equity Fund *
   T&C (PDF-675KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-561KB)

International Equity Funds
Izdihar China Equity Fund
   T&C (PDF-270KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-496KB)
Samba Capital Americas Equity Fund
   T&C (PDF-409KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-203KB)
Samba Capital Asian Equity Fund
   T&C (PDF-409KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-202KB)
Samba Capital Europe Equity Fund
   T&C (PDF-409KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-169KB)
Samba Capital Global Equity Fund
   T&C (PDF-408KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-173KB)
Al Nafees Global Commodities Equity Fund *
   T&C (PDF-466KB)            Fact Sheet (PDF-402KB)

Alternative Fund
SAMBA Real Estate Fund *
   T&C (PDF-1,054KB)            Financial (PDF-1,456KB)
   Samba Real Estate Notification 1    Samba Real Estate Notification 2
   Samba Real Estate Notification 3    Samba Real Estate Notification 4
   Samba Real Estate Notification 5    Samba Real Estate Notification 6
   Samba Real Estate Notification 7
   Samba Real Estate Fund Asset Valuation Reports

Fixed Income Funds
SAMBA Sovereign Sukuk Fund *
   T&C (PDF-1,791KB)

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(*) Shariah compliant funds