Samba Sovereign Sukuk Fund

Open-ended fund which invests in sovereign Sukuk issued by the Saudi government1

Subscription starts from just SAR 5,000 with no redemption or subscription fees

The future is rising, and opportunity beckons.

As vision 2030 makes tangible progress in shaping the Kingdom's future, and thanks to the stability of our national economy, this naturally reflects on the strength of the Kingdom's prestigious credit position and investment grade rating, amongst the world's major rating agencies.

You can tap into this opportunity today with the Samba Sovereign Sukuk Fund, an open-ended fund offering daily liquidity with the lowest management fees2 and possible dividend distribution3.

Starting from just SAR 5,000. To subscribe and to find the nearest SambaCapital investment center, please call 800 755 7000 or visit

Fund Overview

  • Shariah-approved open-ended fund investing in sovereign Sukuk issued by Saudi government agencies
  • No subscription or redemption fees with minimum management fees2
  • Daily liquidity and possible dividend distribution3
  • So easy to invest: from just SAR 5,000

1. Represented by the Debt Management Office of the Ministry of Finance.
2. Lowest management fees compared to international and local Sukuk-bond funds as of end February 2019. Source: Saudi Stock Exchange website (Tadawul).
3. Dividend distribution policy per the fund's terms and conditions subject to the discretion of the Fund Manager.

Disclaimer: Samba Capital is authorized by the Capital Market Authority. Units will be allocated to units holders after the initial offering period or after the extended period (If any) also, In case the minimum amount which is stated in the documents is not collected, the Fund manager will return all subscriptions and any benefits to the investors Samba Capital does not guarantee the performance of any investment. The value of an investment in the Fund is variable and may increase or decrease. The Fund's past performance or the Benchmark's past performance is not necessarily a guide or predictor of the Fund's future performance. There is no guarantee to the unit holders that the Fund's absolute performance or its performance relative to the Benchmark will be repeated or similar to the previous performance. The prices or value or income of the units of the Fund may decrease and the investor may get back less than the amount invested. The income of the Fund from investment in securities may fluctuate and a part of the capital invested may be used to pay that income. Investment in investment funds is not a deposit with any bank. Investors may be exposed to loss of funds when investing in investment funds. The Fund Manager is not obliged to accept the redemption request of the units at the value of the offering. The value of the units are subject to fluctuations. The investment may not be suitable for all recipients of the advertisement; SambaCapital recommends that if they have any doubts, they should seek advice from their investment adviser. Fees and charges apply as per Terms and Conditions and information memorandum; please refer to the T&Cs for more details on the risks involved while investing in the Fund. To obtain a copy of the T&Cs, information memorandum, fund reports to unitholders and financial statements, please visit our website or call 800 755 7000 or visit your nearest Samba Capital investment center. Samba Capital or its affiliates may invest into the Fund and has or may have a position or holding in the securities concerned or in related securities. Samba Capital also carries on other independent securities business such as Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Brokerage and Principal Investment. Samba Capital or its affiliates may be provide or may have provided in the past 12 months, significant advice or securities business services to the issuers of securities, in which the Fund may invest from time to time or of related securities.