Maharah Human Resources - IPO Summary

Samba Capital leads the book building process in preparation for offering of 30% the shares of Maharah Human Resources Company share capital through offering 11,250,000 shares. Maharah roadshow was held on April 21st 2019. The initial price range communicated at the commencement of book building period was SAR 51 to 63 per share. However, the offering price range was revised upwards and is now SAR 61 to 69. The book-building period, which started on the April 21st 2019 will end on April 29th 2019.Please note that all bids must be received by 1:00 p.m. on April 29th 2019.

IPO Summary


Maharah Human Resources Company

No. of shares offered

11,250,000 Ordinary Shares

Offer share price Range

SAR 61 - 69

Key conditions

Institutional tranche: 100% (11,250,000 shares) of total offering size, subject to a scale back to 90%
Retail tranche: Up to 10% of total offering size (1,125,000 shares)

Expected Offering Timetable

Expected Offering Timetable


Offering Period

A period of seven days starting from Wednesday, 03/09/1440H (corresponding to 08/05/2019G), until the end of Tuesday, 09/09/1440H (corresponding to 14/05/2019G).

Bidding and book building period for Participating Entities

A period of nine days starting from Sunday, 16/08/1440H (corresponding to 21/04/2019G), until the end of Monday, 24/09/1440H (corresponding to 29/04/2019G).

Deadline for submission of Subscription Application Forms based on the provisionally allocated Offer Shares for Participating Entities

Sunday, 30/08/1440H (corresponding to 05/05/2019G).

Deadline for payment of the subscription monies for Participating Entities based on their provisionally allocated Offer Shares

Sunday, 07/09/1440H (corresponding to 12/05/2019G).

Deadline for submission of Subscription Application Forms and payment of the subscription monies for Individual Investors

Tuesday, 09/09/1440H (corresponding to 14/05/2019G).

Announcement of final Offer Shares allotment

Tuesday, 16/09/1440H (corresponding to 21/05/2019G).

Refund of excess subscription monies (if any)

Tuesday, 16/09/1440H (corresponding to 21/05/2019G).

Expected trading commencement date for the Shares

The Shares trading commencement is expected to start after completion of all the relevant legal requirements and procedures. Announcement of the Shares trading commencement will be made through local newspapers and Tadawul's website(